High prevention CN2line

Professional server

Our network deploys resource nodes around the world, supporting multi regional server leasing, and global access latency is lower. Provide professional server model
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firewall DDOSprotect

Safety products

In addition to providing firewall equipment for the global computer room, it also provides SSL security access layer protection for web services to alleviate DDoS traffic attacks.
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Global dedicated lineconnect

Special line service

For global resource nodes, it provides one-to-one regional dedicated line direct connection service for users.
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technical support

We provide Chinese language services for local Chinese. We actively respond to and solve the needs of users.
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Our advantage service

One of the choices of user experience products


Most servers can provide defense protection to ensure that most users are not affected by network attacks.

Multiple data centers around the world

The most high-quality data center self built computer room in overseas, with the level of T3 +. Coverage: Japan, South Korea, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Europe and other cities and regions.

Global route optimization

Access to GTT, cogent, CT, cm, Cu, NTT, PCCW, telia, Tata and other international first-class operators. Optimize global network nodes through routing technology, and enjoy high-quality network from anywhere you want.

99.9% uptime guarantee

In order to ensure the continuous operation of the server, at the same time, we provide high-speed, full redundancy network on the network, no single point of failure, to ensure 99% of the normal operation time.

Migration services

If you plan to migrate the server, or have considered using the server, we will provide you with free transmission time of the server until your business is running normally and charging begins.

24x7 online support

Provide 24 * 7 hours online after-sales service, provide Chinese online technical support, one-to-one Chinese answer, to avoid worries.

main products

Classification: professional server products, security products, domain name registration

Dedicated server

Choose global computer rooms: US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and other cities and regions.
minimum 880RMB/month
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Advanced defense

Advanced defense IP, advanced defense DNS, cloud defense products
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SSL certificate

Single domain name, multi domain name, wild card and other brand certificates
minimum 190RMB/year
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